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Highlands Fairytale Trail

By March 17, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments

Welcome to the very first instalment of our monthly outdoor journal from here at Beechwood Lodge B&B! We aim to take you with us on our local travel journeys around some of the most interesting, stunning and colourful landscapes here in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. As the snow has melted (as picturesque and fun as it was) we can now enjoy the reawakening of spring in our unique rural surroundings! Let us show you just one of the many places you can experience when you come to stay for a relaxing retreat at our restful countryside setting. See here

This month features Black Rock Gorge in Evanton; a dramatic 120 feet deep box canyon which featured as a backdrop in the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ during the scene where Harry hides from the dragon. Will we find a dragon on our adventures perhaps…? 

This is just one of many exciting local points of interest you can visit that’s just a walk or short drive from our tranquil rural location. Come visit and let us help you experience the marvellous natural wonders we have on our doorstep and more!

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Key Information about the Blackrock Gorge track:

Terrain – The well maintained and sign-posted tracks go through fairytale-like woodland (comprising old beech, pine and fir trees), but can be muddy underfoot at times. Great care must be taken while walking near the edge of the gorge. 

A charming natural play and picnic area can also be found at the start of the route.

Distance – 4km/2.5 miles

Time – Approximately 1.5 hours for the average walker.

Parking – Free public parking is available in the centre of the village of Evanton which is only a short walk away from the start of the track.

There are many bridges along this route which both offer a remarkable view of the gorge down below. It is particularly impressive due to its surprising narrow depth and has Allt Graad (the River Glass) coursing through it, presenting some incredible photo opportunities. 

Why not plan your Highland getaway now and let us give you the freedom to adventure and explore while we look after you in our Home from Home’!

Did you know?

  • The gorge was carved out of Old Red Sandstone during the post-glacial period, around 10,000 years ago.
  • It traditionally formed part of Clan Munro territory which also houses the historic Foulis Castle.
  • There have been more people on the Moon than down inside this gorge! 

This walk comes with many surprises, whenever we visit we come to discover a new hidden gem. The Black Rock Gorge trail connects to the Evanton community woods and becomes a huge nature park, there are wooden carvings of hedgehogs and picnic tables with BBQ areas and more. 

One of our favourite places is the cave which takes you all the way from the top of the incline down to the river where you can see a wonderful,tropical-like, waterfall and cave, perfect for a swim. 

This is actually one of our goals in the near future, to climb down with our wetsuits and go for a swim in the magical cave pool. 

This place really is full of surprises and is a MUST visit. 

Get yourself organised for when the lockdown is lifted and book your stay with us and come see this magical place, we’ll guide you through the many different places you can see near us. There are many more we’d love to tell you about when you get here.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Stay safe

Thank you for reading,

Gunta & Kristine

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