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Giving the Gift of Christmas

By December 15, 2021April 6th, 2022No Comments

6 Reasons to Give More With Less

Christmas is the time for giving! But are giving our loved ones what they really need?
For some the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to each of us and our families, has been lost.
Instead, we tend to focus on the present giving, which, when we take a step back, realise is just a small part of the magic the holiday season has to offer.

In this article, we discuss why reconnecting with loved ones is what families are now realising is the best type of gift they can give at Christmas time.

Changing The Way We Give Gifts

The most wonderful time of the year has come again. Christmas Day is approaching and with it all the joy and warmth that this holiday season brings. But are we truly making the most of this precious time together?

Yes of course gifts are what spring to mind when the word “Christmas” is uttered, regardless of how many times we hear Mariah Carey telling us “All I want for Christmas is You” over the radio.

Gift giving is a celebrated pastime, so much so there’s a whole industry revolving around it. But Christmas is more than just the presents we give and receive around the tree. It’s about bringing together friends and family, spreading goodwill and cheer. Being grateful for the time we spend together and taking stock of what is truly important in our lives.

How can we change the way we spend this Christmas so that it’s not just about the amount boxes piled under the tree? Here are 6 reasons why we should consider other gifts that are better suited for strengthening relationships.

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A New Trend

Gift-giving is a tradition and a good one! (I mean who doesn’t love receiving a token of love and appreciation from a loved one?) And it’s been around for centuries. However, in recent times, it seems as though the true meaning of Christmas has gotten a little lost in the growing number of presents changing hands on Christmas morning.

You could argue that as a society we have become so focused on buying things for each other that we have forgotten about the importance of spending time with loved ones and why we, as humans, need it. That connection! For our spiritual, mental and physical wellbeings.

A new trend in gifting that feeds these aspects of our overall wellbeing is giving experiences instead of physical gifts. What many people are finding is that experiences like going away together, attending concerts, amusement parks, and getting out of the house together help us to reconnect with friends and family.

Studies show that spending time with loved ones reaps significant benefits. Interacting face-to-face increases our happiness, life satisfaction, social support, trust in others, and empathy. It increases our resilience, reduces stress and can even help us live longer! Now you won’t find all that at a Black Friday Sale.

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Another Jumper?

Ah yes, the ill-fitting Christmas jumper. Widely considered a general metaphor for things we don’t really need. The type of token gift you find under most trees that you wouldn’t normally expect to be given, except at Christmas time that is.

I myself am a big fan of jumpers, especially quirky ones, but even I can only wear so many. Instead, maybe consider the more meaningful benefits of a family vacation or day at the spa. It might be just the thing they need, that wasn’t on their Christmas list this year.

Time for themselves to indulge the senses, reset and relax or spend quality time together, reconnecting with loved ones, sharing experiences and making new memories.

That sort of thing will never shrink in the wash.

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Experiences Trump Presents

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the “perfect present” for someone you love who you want to show appreciation to. And gifts can play an important role in expressing those emotions.

It’s true that for most people, gifts are an expression or a representation of love, care, and appreciation, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Some can be wrapped and some have to be experienced. The latter generally lasts longer in our memories and won’t be forgotten in just a few weeks.

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Something To Keep Forever

The best part about giving an experience is that it’s unique to every person and something they will remember and cherish forever. It’s precisely why they make such great gifts!

There’s nothing like giving someone the chance to visit a new place or do something they’ve never done before. Experiences are such a great way to show your loved ones that you care because you are giving them something that’ll last in their memory.

Also, it won’t take up any extra space in their home, just their heart.

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Quality Over Quantity

Whether it’s the gift of your love or that piece of jewellery you noticed they liked, Christmas is about giving to others to make them happy and show your appreciation.

Giving physical presents is by no means a bad thing, not at all, but perhaps less can be more.

The truth is sometimes we can confuse more presents with “more love”. This is obviously not the case but is something you see all too often with parents of young children.

They can spend hundreds of pounds on toys destined for the scrap heap, completely unaware that their young ones would be just as happy playing with the box it came in or simply having the undivided attention of mom and dad spending uninterrupted time together.

Of course, the “empty box fun” doesn’t apply to moody teenagers who are no doubt anxiously hoping for the latest games console to magically appear under the Christmas tree. But the concept of less is more in favour of quality family time still holds true.

Maybe (in addition to the new Xbox) it’s a weekend away exploring new places on mountain bikes or enjoying some hot chocolate by an open fire and spending the evening playing board games together. The best presents are the ones that come from the heart – not the store.

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It’s Less Stressful!

Christmas time can be a stressful time and a strain on your mental wellbeing. Save yourself the stress of frantically running around town trying to find the “perfect gift” or even worse, getting sucked into an impulse buying frenzy only to finally emerge not even knowing what you bought in the end… and why?

Finding a thoughtful experience gift online that shows you care couldn’t be easier and can be done from the comfort of your home with no need to brave the holiday hoards.

How often do you enjoy a truly intimate escape with your partner? Or an adventure-filled get away with the family? My guess is with everything that’s been happening in the world these last 18 months, probably not often enough.

Not only will an experience provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and allow for greater mental health, but it will help you reconnect with friends and family.

What better time to give that gift?

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Some Ideas of What To Give

Giving experiences can help us stay connected during this wonderful season while also showing your loved ones how much you care about them by thinking outside of the wrapped box! Here are some great ideas on what you could gift this holiday season.

  • A Family Road Trip – A great option for families who want to reconnect is to plan a road trip together. This can be an especially fun gift if you have relatives who live far away. All you need are a few maps, some snacks and a whole lot of togetherness!


  • Romantic Weekend Away – Who doesn’t love to get away for the weekend? The perfect gift for your loved one is a romantic trip that can include some great activities and adventures. You could go paddleboarding or enjoy long walks together through breathtaking surroundings or just escape for some alone time to reset.


  • Cosy Staycation – If you live in the city or can’t get away abroad, why not plan a cosy staycation instead? You could book your loved ones into your favourite B&B or try somewhere new. Relax, unwind, and warm your toes by a cosy log fire and enjoy woodland walks nearby. The cost will be much lower than going abroad and it is guaranteed to give you both some special memories.


  • Whisky Tour – For the whisky lover in your life, a whisky tour is the perfect gift. The Highlands of Scotland offers many great options and is a bit of a pilgrimage for whisky enthusiasts, no matter where they live. This could include a visit to a distillery, tastings, and even dinner at a nice restaurant.


  • Pamper Day – Why not treat your loved one with a pampering day at the spa? This is a thoughtful gift for someone who deserves a little bit of TLC. From facials to massages, they are sure to feel rejuvenated and relaxed after their day of luxury.


  • Golf Break – As the home of Golf, Scotland isn’t short of stunning and historic courses for avid golfers. Why not give a break from their usual 9-5 routine? You could book them into a B & B for a few days of total relaxation and fun at the many local golf courses waiting to be discovered.
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At Christmas time it can be hard to curb our desire to shower our loved ones with presents, but when you give them the opportunity to do something they love with people who care about them, it will be cherished forever. And with so many great experiences out there you won’t be short of ideas!

So go on, take the plunge and give the gift of experience this Christmas! Let your loved one open up their heart as well as their presents with a memorable time away. It may mean fewer trinkets under the tree on Christmas morning, but it’s the gift that keeps giving this holiday season and for years to come. Maybe Mariah Carey is on to something after all?

Nestled in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland, Beechwood Lodge is the place where visitors from all over the world return for their memory-making experiences and a true taste of Scottish hospitality.

This friendly and welcoming B & B set in the picturesque countryside just outside Inverness offers everything from an adventure-filled weekend to a relaxing staycation.

Get in touch about one of our packages that you’d like to gift to someone special this Christmas.

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