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5 Reasons to visit the Highlands in Winter

By November 26, 2021No Comments

Although many people visit the highlands in the summer months, the winter has a lot to offer. We have everything from snowy Mountainscapes to fun traditional Ceilidh dance nights. Whichever type of trip you are looking to take on, there is something for everyone.

While staying with us at The Beechwood Lodge, these experiences are no more than a half-hour drive, as we’re located in the hub of the Highlands.

1. Snowy Landscapes and Activities

Depending on which months you choose to travel, will determine the scenery and the options for activities. Travelling early winter/November will still display the bright colours of Autumn and contrasting white snow on hilltops.

In the middle of Winter, around December, is when the people are the liveliest. During this time of year, most locals will try to find any excuse to celebrate, so pack your dancing shoes and be prepared for great nights of fun and laughter.

During the day Inverness is full of life with its Christmas market in Falcon Square and Santa’s Grotto in Whin Park.

Autumn seems to last a little longer up here than most places, therefore we end up with snowy mountain tops and colourful trees and leaves. The same Lochs you would’ve seen in the summer will now be in beautifully vivid hues of burnt orange and yellow. Walking through a nature walk, whilst the leaves blow in the wind, create a magical cosy autumn feel.

Munroes, Monuments & Viewpoints

The Ben-Wyvis is a huge and bulky Munro, the closest Munro, with only a 16-mile journey from the B&B. We and our wonderful neighbour Jerry chose to cycle up to the loch nearby and highly recommend it as either a cycle trip or a drive. So much to see in such a small distance.

Loch Glass: The Hidden Side of Ben Wyvis

On the drive up to the loch is another beautiful spot worth seeing called the
‘Black Rock Gorge’, if you set out early enough you should have enough daylight to experience both.

A dirt track road takes you up to a car parking area from which you can then walk up to the loch. About two-thirds of the way there is an amazing viewpoint with forests and river below and you can quickly pull over to the side to take it in for a moment.

From the car park, It’s about a 20-minute walk to the loch, and once you get there the views are just breath-taking with the hills and trees reflecting onto the water. If you like to keep fit, you could take a mountain bike instead of the car for a thrilling challenge.

The Fyrish is a short walk/cycle from our guest house and has one of the best viewpoints! After a couple of hours of an uphill climb, you will be greeted by this momentous piece of history. The story behind this monument is worth reading into, especially after the hike as it makes you appreciate the different perspectives.

Loch Dubh

Just a 5-minute drive from the house is a beautiful Loch located behind Ardross Distillery called Loch Dubh. This is a shorter walk, great for a slower, relaxing day as a way to get some fresh air if you’re taking a rest day.

Struie Hill Viewpoint

This breath-taking viewpoint looks over the Dornoch Firth. During the winter months, the hills are covered in a wonderful white blanket of snow with the river sparkling through the white. This also, is just a short 15-minute drive from the B&B, just following the main road we’re on. A great little spot to take a few pictures at. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, there is also an option to climb the hill. For more information on the trail, click here 

2. Cosy evenings

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting by a fire after a long day of being out in the cold.

Take the evening off and put your feet up, maybe pop on a Christmas film or if you’re visiting after Christmas, Braveheart is a great documentary on Scotland. Depending on how you’ve spent your day, you could have a day out at one of our local whiskey tours Glen Ord Tasting tour and take a bottle back with you to sip by the fire.


Maybe if you’ve been driving around and picked up some traditional Scottish tablet to try or some shortbread to nibble on through a film, this is the time you can use to try a few treats from the north.

3. Christmas Markets

Inverness is a magical place during Christmas time, especially at the ‘Whin Park’ where you could take the wee ones with you and introduce them to Santa and his reindeer. The Park is lit up with Christmas lights and Santa’s grotto creates a winter wonderland feel with its elves and fun rides. 

The Christmas market in Falcon Square offers great mulled wine, trinkets and bratwurst.

Around late November, In Inverness, we have a ceremony where we turn on all the Christmas lights at once as a ceremonious beginning to the festivities. 

Read more about the events that are on this winter and everything else going on in Inverness this Christmas.

4. Snow and Stars

Although some people may find driving in the snow intimidating, luckily for us we regularly have road gritters out making sure our roads are clear. This means you could go as far as the adventures takes, drive around and create as many snow angels as your heart desires.

After a day of playing in the snow, it’s worth stepping out into the darkness to appreciate the magical starry skies surrounding us. Just outside our front door, you can see a vast sky of many different constellations. Lucky for us, there isn’t a lot of light pollution around, so the stars are quite prominent. 

And if you wanted to make an evening of it, you could pack a snack and drive up to one of the spots mentioned above and enjoy the stars from there. 

Some days you might be in for a treat if the Northern lights come out to play. 

5. Ceilidh Dancing

If you want to experience a truly authentic Christmas in the Highlands, then Ceilidh dancing is the one for you. 

This traditional social dance has been taught to locals from a young age and is very easy to pick up as a beginner. There are a few places you could go to experience Ceilidh dancing near Beechwood Lodge, it’s just a great way to mingle with the locals, listen to traditional Scottish music and have the most fun you could imagine. 

In one of the previous blogs ‘Winter fun in the Highlands’, we’ve included some of the music events and Ceilidh’s in December. 

Although many choose to visit us in the summer months, the winter is just as, if not more, magical. This winter could be the perfect time for you to take some time away for yourself and your family. Come take part in the winter fun, and we’ll help you make the best of your time here

Have a look at the holiday packages we have on offer, for a stay, you won’t forget.

The winter time is a great time to explore the Highlands. Whether you’re looking to hike our snowy Munroes or simply wish to chill by the fire with a glass of whiskey, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy.

No need to put your trip off until summer, comes visit now.

You wont regret it.


We’ll see you soon,
Lots of love from

Beechwood Lodge,

Gunta & Team

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