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5 Beautiful spots to visit within a 5 mile radius of The Beechwood Lodge

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Hello dear travellers!

Kristine and Gunta here, we run the Beechwood Lodge B&B in Ardross.

Although we’ve only lived 4 years in the Highlands, we’ve come to learn and discover some great secret spots… The question we often ask ourselves is, do we really want to share them with everyone or just keep them for ourselves lol.

I think we’ve finally decided it is time to share.

I know what you’re thinking, 5 miles? What could there possibly be to see within that radius? Well, you would be surprised how much beauty the Highlands can squeeze in per mile radius.

5. Fyrish Monument


The Fyrish Monument (Built around 1782) was influenced by Sir Hector’s crusade in India as a tribute to a particular town which he had seized for the British army.

Make sure to bring your comfiest hiking boots and plenty of water for this hike. The path through the woodlands takes you all the way to the top, on average taking 3 hours to walk, but the effort and sweat are definitely worth the view you get once you reach the top. This can be a great day for friends/family to walk together. Another great idea is to leave just before the dawn to catch a stunning sunrise or a couple of hours before the dusk sets in.

4. Black Rock Gorge


This is our personal favourite spot near us, and the funny thing is that we only fully discovered it this summer. For years we kept walking straight past it, and finally decided it was time to see what was down that road.

Once you find the little bridge at the start of the path you will be awestruck by the deep crack into the earth where at the bottom the Black Rock Gorge flows. As you step on the wooden bridge you begin to feel an eerie realisation that if the bridge was to snap you would,quite literally, fall 120 feet to the bottom without a way of getting out. That is, if you survived the fall of course.

3. River Averon


For a more relaxed walk or cycle, go to the River Averon which is accessible at the small bridge on Struie Road. Although this river flows all the way from Alness through to the Golf course and Ardross, this is our favourite starting point. The charming little bridge creates a cute little landscape of the flowing river, rockery and woods.

This is also a great spot to park up and go for a cycle, the further you go the steeper the incline and can create a fun and adventurous cycle for your family or friends.

2. Strathorory River/Walk


This is one of the less-visited places we have noticed and is very different to the others. No longer do you see lush greenery and endless woodlands, this walk will make you feel as if you’ve teleported to a completely different country. The dry grasslands in the valley hold a strange flat landscape apart from two hills on either side. Sometimes you’ll run into cows freely roaming the grass, and the little bridges built to go over the rivers also feel quite different and maybe even eerie.

There is more than just one path, every time I and mum have gone we’ve taken a different path and discovered different views, all creating a strange feeling of complete solitude.

1. Ardross Castle


This one’s a little cheeky, “technically” you probably shouldn’t spend too much time here as it is actually private land and not at all a tourist attraction, but if you quickly drive up to it, you will be blown away by the sheer magnificence the grounds of the Castle hold. The long drive up to the castle include large gardens with mature trees and even peacocks, yes that’s right, peacocks. I was just as bewildered as you must be, reading this.

I’m not entirely sure why they are there, but they sure do create a great impression standing next to the historic stone used to once build this beautiful castle. As you reach the castle itself, you can catch a quick glimpse of the large courtyard they often use for weddings and the view coming from that balcony area is even more impressive than the colourful birds casually walking around.

These are only our 5 favourite places near our Bed and Breakfast, there are many more we are waiting to tell you about.
Book your stay with us today and we’ll help you create a personalised itinerary packed full of adventures and hidden gems around the Highlands and more.

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Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you soon…
Kristine & Gunta Freidenfelde
Beechwood Lodge B&B


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